The Hybrid Goatman—Fact or Fiction?(video)

In the 1960s dozens of people claim to have spotted a goat-headed man walking around and spreading terror. Because of the technological difficulties of the time, no decent record was made. But now, almost 50 years later, images of this animal are popping up appearing on the web.

According to the people who share it, it's about Goatman's return, which would now haunt the residents of Maryland, even in the United States. "Every day on the internet dozens of alerts that men who are half goat, dog or any other animal exist. They are usually old images that people find and scatter, most often assemblies, "explains cryptozoologist Loren Coleman. Experts warn that they will only take into account reports of the appearance of Goatman if they come accompanied by a photo, selfies will also be accepted. Coleman says that in many cases, people panic about deformed animals and confuse them with diabolical beings with urban legends.


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